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My Name is Josh York, Founder and CEO of GYMGUYZ. Welcome to the GYMGUYZ family.

I would like to take you GUYZ back to where it all started in 2008, in my parent’s dining room in New York. It all started with a laptop and a vision. Well, that vision, I like to call it our guarantee: that we will be the largest fitness brand in the world in the next 15 years. My career started as a personal trainer in the local gym. I graduated college with a business degree and I figured that I needed to get a 9 to 5 job. However, I continued personal training in the evenings because I have always loved changing people’s lives. The biggest challenge I found was that people couldn’t make it to the gym, they always had every excuse in the book. I said to myself one day, how great would it be if I made this more convenient for everyone to be healthy and fit? So I got a van, I wrapped it, and I came up with the coolest name – GYMGUYZ, and stocked it with all the necessary fitness equipment needed to provide our three C’s: Convenient, Customized and Creative workouts. GYMGUYZ was born. We are in the business of fitness, but we are also in the business of changing people’s lives.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I really look forward to meeting you soon!

Josh York
Founder and CEO - GYMGUYZ

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GYMGUYZ is # 1 in Home Personal Training. We are a franchise company whose main focus is individualized one-on-one fitness, group sessions, and corporate fitness. GYMGUYZ was established in 2008 by Josh York, Founder. Josh has been working in the fitness industry since 1999 and devotes all of his time to growing the business. When GYMGUYZ started in 2008 with only one van, we trained people only in the local area. Now, we have a fleet of vans and are servicing the tri-state area. GYMGUYZ has an amazing team of certified personal trainers that use a unique philosophy that targets all aspects of health and fitness. The GYMGUYZ vans are stocked with state of the art equipment that trainers bring to clients to provide excellent one-on-one or group workout sessions. Our services include weight loss, body sculpting, bodybuilding, weight training, therapeutic athletic/stretch, strength training, senior fitness, obstacle course training, kickboxing, group training, corporate fitness, post & pre natal exercise, pool workouts, pre-teen and teen fitness training, cardio fitness, professional sports conditioning, nutrition counseling.


  • New Category: GYMGUYZ created a new category within the fitness industry, bringing the gym to their clients;. We are revolutionizing the fitness industry. People will always want to look and feel good and are willing to pay for the proper coaches to help them reach their health and fitness goals. This business launched in 2008, in spite of the hard economic times GYMGUYZ continued to prosper.
  • Our Service: Our clients still use their local gyms but work with GYMGUYZ to receive the “WOW” customer service which stems from our 3 C’s which is Convenient, Customized and Creative workouts.
  • Client Success: Our clients have lost over 6,000 pounds in the past two years.
  • Visibility– You can’t miss our vans!  We are always branding, and you will too. Our vans are moving billboards and great to get people’s attention.
  • Recurring Revenue: Recurring revenue is obtained by clients training 2-6 days a week, and with classes throughout the week there is a consistent flow of money.
  • Scalability: Unlike conventional gyms, there is no need for brick and mortar. Like our founder, Josh York, you could start this business in your dining room. Once you get to 3-4 vans, you may need to consider getting a small office space to keep up with demand. Overall, there is very little overhead incurred.


GYMGUYZ offers a turn-key model with no need for brick and mortar. Owners do not need to have a Certification in fitness, however, basic knowledge is a plus. This is not a passive business, as you grow, within 3-4 years of opening it may be possible to passively own the business. The Owners’ responsibilities include marketing, hiring coaches and networking. This is a project management business. The ability to be a good networker is a key component to our business model.


SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT, Our support is #1! Our franchisees receive five days of training at our corporate office and two days of training at their location. Initial Training includes:

  • Operations training
  • Human Resource Training
  • Business Administration Training
  • Customer Service
  • Payroll Training
  • Proprietary Software System Training

Corporate provides continuous support to all franchisees, including but not limited to

  • Weekly Franchise Calls
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Training Videos
  • Online Portal
  • Visits to your Market
  • Proprietary Phone and Scheduling Systems
  • R&D – Fitness Trends
  • Franchise Support Concierge
  • Support from Software companies

Our MTS Coach provides support to the franchise owners throughout the whole process; everything from ordering the van, delivering the van, ordering equipment, apparel, marketing items, phone system to helping with the grand opening event.




GYMGUYZ is all about our culture and family, we work together to achieve a common vision.

The ideal franchisee:


Franchise Testimonial

In the short time we have been franchise owners, the business has outperformed our expectations by far. We have grown quickly and have a great team of coaches that are committed to the services GYMGUYZ delivers. It is awesome to be a part of changing people’s lives. We have the power to make an extreme impact of health and wellness in each of our clients. Being a GYMGUYZ franchisee means being a part of a team of people with the same beliefs and goals for themselves and the people we interact with. Josh has a great process and product and our team has proven that by following GYMGUYZ processes we are on pace to be very successful. I would recommend that if you have the passion to change lives, work with awesome people and make a great living, join GYMGUYZ.

– Robin Hjalte, GYMGUYZ Bay Ridge

Joining the GYMGUYZ team was a leap of faith and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. Josh and his team have provided terrific support since the beginning. No matter what time of the day or how trivial the question, the GYMGUYZ team is always there to help its franchisees. If you love fitness and want to own your own business, there is no one else out there that compares to GYMGUYZ.

– Sam Langer, GYMGUYZ Westchester

Our passion has always been in fitness. After researching multiple fitness franchise opportunities, we came across GYMGUYZ and we were instantly intrigued by the concept. We had several calls with GYMGUYZ; after each call we came away excited about the possibilities. When exploring out options, we spoke with other franchises and left the conversations feeling as if something was missing. This wasn’t the case with GYMGUYZ; every team member spoke about their vision with passion and an enthusiasm that was contagious.

– Katie Mackenzie, GYMGUYZ Mid St. Louis


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