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How They Created a Parody Video That Went Viral – Interview with Josh York, Founder of GYMGUYZ

If done the right way, video is still a powerful way to market your business. People will share your marketing message if it’s designed in an entertaining way. Remember the 2012 Dollar Shave Club video? It went viral and led to 12,000 new subscribe

GYMGUYZ Town of the Week: Westfield!

 Westfield, it is your turn! Every week GYMGUYZ picks one town nationwide to take part in our Town of The Week promotion. Residents of Westfield, NJ will get 10 percent OFF any one of our many packages. Having your own personal trainer developing a

10 Ways Business Owners Can Make the Most of Seasonal Marketing

10 Ways Business Owners Can Make the Most of Seasonal Marketing   Your company doesn’t have to specialize in a seasonal product or service for you to take advantage of holiday promotions, or certain trends that only come around once a year. In

GYMGUYZ Brings Convenient Fitness to Hartford

Hartford area locals are about to get even healthier with the help of fitness experts Mike Hughes, Chris Lombardi and GYMGUYZ. GYMGUYZ, the mobile, in-home personal fitness concept will soon be opening in West Hartford. The brand provides convenient,

Why You Should Vacation as a Business Owner

When you’re a franchise/business owner, you’re pretty much always busy. There are no set hours, there is no “lunch break”; you’re always going and working for your business. That’s the nature of the game and we commend that. There is an u

12 Reasons Why Your Company Should Consider a Tagline

12 Reasons Why Your Company Should Consider a Tagline Posted on May 18, 2016 by The Young Entrepreneur Council The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s m

10 Realities of GYMGUYZ Franchisee

Often times, our blogs feature initial interview articles with our newest franchisees to capture not only the excitement, but the reality, of what is it’s like to go through the process of opening a GYMGUYZ franchise. It is important to us that our

Trends to Try: Work Out During Your Lunch Break!

If you work in an office setting, you might notice that more and more of your coworkers are leaving the building for their lunch breaks. And even if they aren’t, you should. Here’s why: We all like to be trendy— at least to a certain extent, ri

11 Interview Questions That Identify “A-Players”

If you’re in the fortunate position of having many qualified applicants, ask some of these out-of-the-box questions. The best candidates tend to give you the most thoughtful and refreshingly creative responses. A. What’s the Square Root of Nine?

Keeping Goals

On Wednesday, Google rolled out their latest life assist, or life hack, “Goals”. The extension of the Calendar app, available on both Andriod and iOS, prompts users to be more active, or learn something new and it will even reschedule your goal s